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Congress Organisation

BureauPost organises the event in the way you want it. We offer supervision and assistance in different degrees to your Local Organisation Committee and Scientific Programme Committee. 
We use our experience and expertise to complete the complex procedure of organising a congress. We know what must be done and when. Together we compose the "Roadmap" of the organisation procedures. Of course we electronically dispatch all announcements for you. We take care for the "call for abstracts", and for all other correspondence.

BureauPost performs on-line registration of participants, hotel guests, authors and visitors.  We keep a separate congres account for you. We maximise your delegate attendance, save you organizing time and money and assure you that your meeting will be of the highest standard. We help you plan, design, develop, co-ordinate, implement, and monitor your event.
A considerable period can elapse from the initial planning till the moment the meeting actually takes place. We keep you on track by following the work schedule agreed upon.

The location may be anywhere. Registration and administration are all computerised and accessible worldwide. We report to you by email at any time. The number of participants may range from 20 – 1000, but every meeting, congress or conference is unique and equally important to us, regardless of its size.

BureauPost contributes to the organisation of a successful event, with professional registration, strict financial management and accurate correspondence with authors, session organisers and participants.

The free-lance work offered and agreed upon, payment and reimbursement of expenditure are laid down in a contract. The cost of the initial part of the project, i.e. research, budgeting, drafting a work-schedule and producing a first circular and the actual cost of holding the meeting itself are carried by your organisation.

Our charges are based on a registration fee per person, and on a flat fee for the event website.

We use sub-contractors to carry out specific tasks connected with the event.

Please feel free to contact us right away, or use the links on the right to get a detailed overview of our services.

Work schedule for scientific and organisational affairs Printing and mailing of "Call for abstracts" / 1st and 2nd circular Mailings and correspondence with authors, and session organisers Mailings to participants concerning registration Registration of scientific contributions Registration of participants and database management Financial management of all symposium affairs Close co-operation with Local Organisation Committee and Scientific Programme Committee

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